6 Months MOT Exemption for Motorcycles Cars and Light Vehicles

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6 Months MOT Exemption for Motorcycles Cars and Light Vehicles

Department for Transport have decided to give temporary MOT exemption to motorcycles, cars and light vehicles due for MOT’s on or after 30th March 2020.

The decision is made in the light of uncertain situation of COVID-19. This precautionary measure will help to stop the slow spread of COVID-19 among people.

MOT Extension

Vehicle owners don’t need to take their vehicle to MOT testing station If their vehicle is due for MOT from 30 March 2020.

You will automatically get MOT exemption for six months from the expiry date of your MOT.

Let’s say if your car is due for MOT on 1 April 2020. This will extend to 1 October 2020 automatically. You will have to get it done by this date.

You can check MOT status on gov.uk website to see when MOT exemption have been granted. It may take some time to show up latest MOT status.

Remember no paper exemption certificate will be issued to the vehicle owners.

Vehicle’s First MOT

This decision also applies if this is your vehicle’s 1st MOT. You don’t need to take any action(s).

What if MOT failed before 30 March 2020

Car owners won’t get MOT exemption If their car’s MOT is failed and did not pass MOT before 30th March 2020. They will need to get MOT done before they drive their car again.

What if Vehicle tax is due

If Motorcycle, car and light vehicle tax is due, you will be able to tax it as soon your MOT status is updated.

MOT Testing Centres and Garages

Garages and MOT testing centres may remain open as announced by the Government so you can get MOT if you need your vehicle for basic necessities, urgent and emergency work.

This is a good step taken by the government said, driving instructors in Lowestoft. People would be able to use their vehicles to get medicines and food, help most vulnerable people. Also people would be able to drive to and from work like NHS staff.

Remember, it’s still owners responsibility to make sure that vehicle is road worthy even 6 months MOT extension is granted.

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