ADI Registration and Qualification During Third Lockdown

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ADI Registration and Qualification

If you are an approved driving instructor, you don’t need to worry during COVID-19 third lockdown if your approved driving instructor ADI registration is expiring soon. ADI’s will have (twelve) 12 months to renew their ADI badge from the date it expires. You don’t need to take your ADI qualifying tests again. The cost to renew your ADI badge will be the same (£300) and you don’t have to pay extra on top of your normal ADI badge renewal cost.

Driving instructors can’t provide driving instruction if their ADI registration is expired.

ADI Registration Extension

ADI registration can not be extended by the DVSA as they have no powers to extend the ADI registration. DVSA also can not reduce or waive the ADI registration cost. It sets out in the law that how long it lasts and the cost to register as an ADI.

ADI Qualification Process

If someone is in the process of qualifying to be an approved driving instructor and his/her trainee licence was issued in the month of January 2021. They can request to re-issue the trainee badge when COVID-19 is over.

Trainee driving instructors will need to get in touch with DVSA (Driver and vehicle standards agency) for all the available options to renew their trainee licence. You need to provide the following information when contact DVSA:

  • Date of Birth and the postcode (address)
  • Driving licence number or personal reference number

Appling for a Trainee Licence

Get in touch with the driver and vehicle standards agency If you are planning to apply for your trainee licence. You can reach them at with your date of birth, address (postcode) and driving licence number or your personal reference number.

Approved Driving Instructor Part 3

According to the law, you need to book your ADI part 3 test within two years after passing your ADI part 1.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are allowed to book the ADI part 3 more than 2 years after you have passed ADI part 1. You still need to take it within the two-year limit.

Booking the ADI part 3

You can put your ADI part 3 test “on hold” if you can’t find any ADI part 3 test date. You will need to pay for part 3 test and the DVSA will let you know as soon as the appointments become available. The DVSA has no powers to extend the ADI part 1 test pass certificate.

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