Approved Driving Instructor ADI Qualification Process

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Approved Driving Instructor ADI Qualification Process

Have you decided to become an approved driving instructor (ADI) but don’t know the adi qualification process. Don’t worry, experts are here to guide and help you through the whole process step by step.

ADI qualifying tests consists of 3 exams set by the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency. You need to pass all three exams to meet the “national standard for driver and rider training” if you wish to provide paid driving instructions.

  • ADI part 1
  • ADI part 2
  • ADI part 3

ADI Part 1 – Theory Test

The theory test is the 1st step of the 3 stage qualifying process, you need to pass to become an adi. You can book your theory test if your adi application is accepted. Please read legal requirements to become an approved driving instructor to see if your adi qualifying application will be accepted by DVSA.

The theory test format is the same as normal car theory test for car drivers but the standard is set at a high level. ADI part 1 test fee is £81 and it has two parts:

  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Hazard Perception

Mulitple-Choice Questions

This section will have 100 multiple-choice questions. Questions are divided into 4 categories and each category consists of 25 questions. You get 1 hour and 30 minutes to answer these questions.

You can have three minutes break or start the hazard perception section straight way once you have done these questions.

Hazard Perception

In this section, you get 14 short video clips showing everyday road situations and scenes. You get one developing hazard in each video clip and 1 clip will have two developing hazards. You can get 5 points for each hazard. The earliest, you identify the developing hazard and click the mouse button, the highest you score.

Candidate(s) must pass both sections to smash the test. You can book it again if you fail. There is no limit on the number of attempts that you must pass your theory test. You can book adi part 2 exam if you have passed part 1.

ADI Part 2 – Driving Test

ADI part 2 is the 2nd stage for the adi qualification process. This is a test of your general driving ability and skills and lasts for around 1 hour, driving on varying traffic and road conditions. ADI part 2 test fee is £111 and it consists of below mentioned 5 sections.

1. Eyesight

DVSA examiner will check / test your eyesight by asking you to read a number plate from 26.5 or 27.5 meters depends if the number plate is old-style or new-style.

2. Tell Me and Show Me Questions

You will be asked 5 tell me and show me safety questions about the vehicle. 3 tell me questions before you start a practical driving test and 2 show me questions while you driving.

3. General Driving

Examiner will test your driving skills and ability on different types of roads, traffic situations including dual carriageway and motorways. You need to show driving in a friendly environment, expert use of controls, anticipation, consideration for other road users, etc.

Candidate can also be asked to do an emergency stop.

4. Reversing Manoeuvres

You will need to show your reversing skills like control of the car, observation, etc in two of the following manoeuvres picked up by an examiner:

  • Parallel parking
  • Reverse into a convenient parking bay and drive out
  • Drive forward and reverse out of the parking bay
  • Pulling up on the right side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and then drive on when you are ready

5. Independent Driving

Driving ability also includes 20 minutes of independent driving by following directions from Sat-Nav or traffic signs. Sat-nav will be provided and installed by a DVSA examiner. It’s not a driving fault if you take the wrong exit or turning safely while following directions from a sat-nav.

Driving Faults

You are allowed 6 minor driving faults but a serious or dangerous fault will result in a fail. You need to pass the driving ability test in 3 attempts. If you fail to pass in 3 attempts, you will have to do your theory test again. Also, you can’t apply for a theory test for 2 years since you passed the adi part 1.

You can either book adi part 3 or apply for trainee instructor badge also called potential driving instructor – PDI badge if you pass adi part 2.

ADI Part 3 – Instructional Ability to Teach

This is the 3rd and last qualify test to become a fully qualified ADI. This is a test of your instructional ability that lasts for about 1 hour and a test fee is £111. The DVSA examiner will access your client-centred driving lesson skills, giving to one of the learner students or full licence holders.

Examiner will ensure that you meet the standard mentioned in ‘national standard for driver and rider training.’ You will be accessed in 17 areas of competence under 3 categories:

  • Lesson planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Teaching and learning strategies

Test Result

You get a score of 0-3 in each area of competence. Examiner adds up all the score you get in each area and tell you the grade / outcome at the end of the test.

You pass your part 3 if you score 31 or more out of 51 and allow you to join the ADI register. The candidate will fail the test if he/she scores 0-30. Also, you automatically fail if score 7 or less in risk assessment. You get 3 attempts in total to pass your adi part 3.

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