Are Driving Lessons Allowed During Third Lockdown

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Are Driving Lessons Allowed During Third Lockdown

It has been 4 days to the third lockdown with a appeal from the Government to follow new COVID-19 measuring precautions to stop the deadliest infection in the United Kingdom. A lot of people are still thinking, are driving lessons allowed during third lockdown?

The government third lockdown restriction applies to the whole England where non essential businesses and shops will be closed until the third lockdown is lifted by the government.

Are Driving Lessons Allowed During Third Lockdown

All the driving tests, theory tests and driving lessons were put on hold during the first and the second lockdown by the DVSA. Whereas, keyworkers were allowed to have driving lessons and test during the first national lockdown.

Driving schools reopened bookings for manual and automatic driving lessons in line with coronavirus SOP’s after the first lockdown was lifted in the first week of July 2020.

In the present situation with hundreds of coronavirus cases every day, prime Minister and leaders from Wales and Scotland have announced to halt all the non essential activities to help to keep the social distancing.

During the current COVID-19 situation, they have decided to cancel all the driving activities including manual and automatic driving lessons, car theory tests, driver training, driving tests, ADI part 1, 2 and part 3.

The DVSA will inform all the candidates whose driving tests are affected by the third lockdown. The government have also appealed people not to plan unnecessary driving journey.

Therefore, learners can not have driving lessons until the government lift the third lockdown. The people should follow the similar rules when sharing their car. People should not share their car apart from the household unless you have some valid reason.

aDriving will resume bookings as soon as the third lockdown is lifted. Don’t forget to like our facebook page for the latest driving updates.