Are Petrol Stations Open and Can Motorists Get Fuel on Easter Sunday

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Are Petrol Stations Open and Can Motorists Get Fuel on Easter Sunday

Most business activities and retailers across the UK are closed because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Are petrol stations open and can motorists get fuel on Easter Sunday?

Fuel stations are allowed to remain open during the temporary lockdown. In general, fuel and service stations across the United Kingdom will remain open on Easter Sunday.

Opening Hours

Their opening hours may be in effect and some branches may be closed, so motorists must check with their local station in advance if you need to refuel.

Most of “A” class roads and motorways break and service areas are also open.

Most driving instructors don’t suggest that petrol stations should be close, although things are changing quickly due to COVID-19.

At most, some individual petrol and service stations are more likely to have to close due to localized problems.

As far as possible, these closings will be indicated on signboards on the motorways.

Some of the very small “A” class road’s service stations may close earlier than normal without any notice.

Motorists should be very careful if they rely on them without first checking with them.

Under current coronavirus guidelines, only essential trips are allowed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Motorists have been warned not to leave their homes. They should only go out if they are essential workers, buy essential household items, exercise once a day. Also if they need medical assistance and attention.

Petrol stations are open at the moment. Many service stations may be forced to close soon due to insufficient activity.

According to driving schools in Kettering, fuel prices have also fallen over the past week. The reason behind this is that residents of the UK comply with the coronavirus closure measures.

Research shows that fuel prices are at their lowest level at the moment. But few motorists can benefit from these low prices.

Fuel prices could be further reduced due to low oil prices in the international oil market.

Small Petrol Stations

In this unprecedented period, our driving school urges motorists to use smaller independent fuel retailers in their area.

Especially more in small villages and rural areas otherwise, motorists may end up losing them in the near future.

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