Best Driving Instructors in Luton

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Best Driving Instructors in Luton

Paula Graham passed 1st time and reviewed that we have best driving instructors in Luton.

She booked her first manual driving lesson in Luton on her 17th birthday with a different driving school in the area. Paula was very anxious and nervous just before the lesson. She told her driving instructor that I am very nervous. Her instructor said, she will be ok.

Driving instructor drove her to suitable training area. She started with moving off and stopping. Instructor was expecting her to do more on my first lesson. She wanted to learn on her own pace. She booked 3-4 manual driving lessons but did not feel comfortable. Paula struggled to change gears manually. Her instructor advised her to go for automatic as he only offered manual driving lessons.

Searched for Female Driving Instructors in Luton

She did an online search for female driving instructors in Luton for automatic driving lessons in the area and came across aDriving School Luton. Sometimes it can be difficult to find female driving instructors for automatic driving lessons. She called and booked her first automatic driving lesson.

Instructor went through cockpit drill, controls and then she did moving off and stopping. Also she practiced turning left and emerging left on her first lesson.

AT The End of First Lesson

Paula was very happy at the end of the first lesson. She booked a block of 10 lessons. Gradually she progressed on junctions, meeting traffic, pedestrian crossing, cross roads.

Instructor briefed and took Paula on small roundabouts first. Then they covered and practiced big and multi-lanes roundabouts. She got good control of the car and got confident to deal with different situations after 25 driving lessons in Luton.

Her instructor advised her to book practical driving test. She booked her test and done all manoeuvres in another five lessons. Instructor also did couple of mock tests just to make sure that she is test ready.

On the big day, Paula practiced parallel park and pull up on the right side of the road manoeuvres just before her test. She drove fantastic on her test and passed 1st time with only 7 minor faults.

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