Booking Your Car Practical Driving Test

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The candidates can book their categary B car practical driving test as soon they have passed their car theory test. A lot of people don’t know if they need to pass their theory test again or not if they want to upgrade their driving licence from automatic to manual.

No Theory Test

Drivers don’t need to do a theory test again if they have already passed their driving test on an automatic and wish to upgrade to a manual driving licence. They can book practical driving tests if they are looking to upgrade to a manual car driving licence.

Pass the Practical Driving Test

Candidates must be able to drive safely and under full control on different type of roads, and traffic conditions. They also need to demonstrate the knowledge of the highway codes through their driving.

Candidates must meet the national standard for driving cars to pass their practical driving test. aDriving only takes pupils for their driving test when they are up to the test standard as highly recommended by DVSA.

“How many driving lessons do I need to pass the test”? This is the common question we hear all the time from learner drivers. The answer is, there is no minimum number of lessons, learners must do before they book their car test. DVSA do recommend minimum 45 lessons with DVSA-approved driving instructors and 20 hours with family or friends.

Learner drivers should only go for their practical test when they can drive and deal with different situations independently and without any help or instruction.

Change Test Date

Keep an eye on your driving progress. Don’t forget to change your test date in a good time if you are not ready for it so you don’t lose the test fee.

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