Can Self Driving Vehicles Bring Economic Benefits

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Can Self Driving Vehicles Bring Economic Benefits

Can self-driving vehicles bring new economic revolution and benefits to the UK? The search and new report predict that the UK can enter into a new autonomous revolution. A prediction for connected and autonomous vehicles (VAC’s) and similar technology are set around £42 billion by 2035. This can help to generate around 40,000 new skilled opportunities in autonomous technology.

According to a market forecast report, around 40% of the new United Kingdom vehicle sales can have self-driving options by 2035. Which worth an aggregate market value of about £42 billion. This will increase the United Kingdom autonomous market size by about 42% compared to the prediction in the 2017 market forecast report.

The automotive field is one of the core pillars of the UK economy. More than 823,000 are working in the field, also including around 168,000 people particularly in vehicle manufacturing. The development of automotive technology may transform and change the way goods and people are transported.

The UK can be in a good position to sell the new automotive solutions to the other countries although the prediction for the world market is lower than last estimate.

Revised prediction on uptake of connected and autonomous vehicles technology among other types of vehicles like van, buses, and heavy goods vehicles is also included in the report. The uptake for vans, buses and HGV’s (heavy goods vehicles) are predicted to occur not at the same rate as the cars.

There could be a lot more technical aspects to be addressed in the integration of connected and autonomous vehicles technologies in the heavier powertrains. Driving instructors from aDriving said, this new technology will not only contribute to strengthening the UK economy, but it may also help to increase road safety and the way people travel in the coming years.