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Car breakdown can happen anytime and anywhere. It can happen in the middle of junction, at the roundabout or on the motorway. It could be stressful, time consuming and dangerous if your car breaks down.
Our driving instructors in Northampton who provide car driving lessons advise the simple and easy car breakdown recommended guidelines to ensure your safety and safety of passengers in the car.

What you need to do when car breakdown

It depends on where your vehicle breaks down. Motorway, dual carriageway or local road.

Break Down on the Motorway – Car Breakdown Recommended Guidelines

Pull Over To The Left: Stop on the hard shoulder if possible. Move your car as far to the left as possible from traffic as it can be dangerous if don’t move to the far left.

Hazard Warning Lights: Switch on hazard warning lights to warn other road users and drivers of an obstruction or hazard.

Passengers in the Car: Get everyone out of the car from the left side / passenger side door and move behind the crash barrier. If you have any pet(s) in the car, leave them in the car. Wear a high visibility jacket if you have one so other road users can see you if it’s dark. You can stay in the car if you don’t feel safe outside.

Triangle Sign: Never put warning triangle sign if your car breaks down on the motorway as it can be dangerous.

Break Down on a Dual Carriageway or Local Roads

If possible stop in a safe place and away from traffic. You can try to diagnose and fix the problem yourself. We spoke to few driving schools in Luton who suggested if you are not sure about the problem call and wait for professional assistance.

  • Switch on hazard warning lights and move your car off the road if possible.
  • Put warning triangle sign 45 metres (147 feet) behind your broken down car on the same side of the road if you have one.
  • Get everyone out of the car from the doors facing away from the traffic and wait in a safe place.
  • Call breakdown cover if you have one or you can contact some local garage.

How Long Break Down Take to Arrive

It depends on your breakdown cover provider and if they consider it on priority basis. Normally they aim to arrive between 45 to 60 minutes.

Breakdown cover will require following information:

  • Full name and breakdown membership reference number.
  • Information about location.
  • Contact number.
  • Reason of the breakdown if you know.

What happens After Help Arrive

Breakdown cover provider will send out a qualified auto mechanic who will try to diagnose and fix the problem by the side of the road.

If the engineer cannot fix your car within a considerable time or if they need some part to fix the car, they will tow your vehicle to a garage.

Where you are towed to depends on the level of cover you have. Normally there are two type of covers available in the UK.

Roadside assistance where they normally tow you to the nearest garage and vehicle recovery where they can tow you to any location in the UK.

What If Don’t Have Cover – Car Breakdown Recommended Guidelines

We spoke to few driving instructors in Corby who recommends the following if you don’t have breakdown cover:

  • Contact a local auto mechanic who may be able to help you and tow your car back to your location. Normally they charge you for this.
  • Emergency telephone on the motorways to call for help if you have broken down on a motorway. They normally tow you to the nearest garage. This can cost you around £150.
  • Get a breakdown cover after your car have broken down. Most breakdown companies are happy to accommodate and assist you. They will charge you one off fee after you broken down.

I hope you have found car breakdown recommended guidelines article helpful and informative. You can also contact our driving instructors if you are looking for cheap driving lessons in Milton Keynes.

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