1st pass of the day! Katy from Wellingborough passed her driving test first time today 10 January 2019. First she had driving lessons with different driving instructors but failed her first test then she contacted us and her test was already booked in Kettering Test Centre. She had couple of driving lessons in Kettering but she struggled with the roundabouts in Kettering. Our local driving instructor in Kettering advised her to book test in Wellingborough. She found one cancellation then our Wellingborough driving instructor got her ready for the test just in 10 days. She had nine minor driving faults.

Hat Trick Three Passes in a Day
Nurul – Wellingborough

2nd pass of the day. Nurul passed his test first time today 10 January 2019 with 7 minor driving faults. He contacted Adriving just few days before his test. Our driving instructors Wellingborough booked him for assessment lesson on priority basis. They together worked on few things especially driving too slow on the single and dual carriageway. He only had four driving lessons in Wellingborough and passed. Examiner also mentioned about driving not too slow on the single carriageway at the end of test.

Hat Trick Three Passes in a Day
Alhagie – Wellingborough

Wow Hat Trick! 3rd pass of the day. Alhagie also passed his test today 10 January 2019 with 4 minor driving faults. His test was booked in Northampton Test Centre as he could not find any test date in Wellingborough and he was planning to book driving lessons in Northampton with one of our local driving instructors Northampton. Adriving found him cancellation in Wellingborough and he had two hour driving lesson the day before the test and passed.

Contact adriving for low cost and high value regular driving lessons in Corby Northampton Luton Kettering Milton Keynes Wellingborough Bedford Oxford St Albans Rugby or you may be interest in one of our Intensive Driving Courses if you want to pass in 1-2 weeks.

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Driving Lessons Kettering Ayrk

Brilliant! Adriving School Kettering first pass for Year 2019. Ayrk from Rushden booked his driving test in Kettering. He had few driving lessons in Kettering and passed his practical driving test today 03 January 2019 with 4 minor driving faults. Good luck with finding your first dream car. Contact our local driving instructors Kettering and learn driving skills for life in shortest possible time or why not try our well-tailored intensive driving courses if you are looking to pass in 1-2 weeks. We are dedicated to offer competitive driving lesson prices in your area.

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https://www.adriving.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Fanny-Bernadett-Wellingborough.jpgGreat day for Fanny Bernadett Nagy. She did weekly driving lessons in Wellingborough. Driving instructor took her on all the test routes and did few mock tests. She had the same test route today which she practised with her driving instructor. She passed her driving test with 4 minor driving faults. Good luck with buying your first dream car. Contact us if you would like us to share your 1st time pass story.

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maryam wellingboroughMaryam was a complete beginners. She booked driving lessons in wellingborough with Adriving school about three months ago. She did weekly driving lessons. She was struggling with awareness and planning close to her driving test. Our expert driving instructor helped her to overcome that problem and finally got her up to the test standard just before the test date. She passed her test on 6 Nov 2018 in Kettering with only 4 minor driving faults. Well done!

driving lessons wellingboroughKofi had been struggling to pass his practical driving test for the last few years and had different driving instructors wellingborough then he contacted us for driving lessons wellingborough and passed his test. Well done!