Changes To Car Theory Test

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Changes To Car Theory Test

Changes To Car Theory Test

Driver and vehicle standards agency – DVSA will change car theory test from April 14th 2020. The idea behind changes to car theory test is to make it easier and more accessible for candidates with learning disability, reading difficulty and developmental condition for example autism.

At present, candidates read and answer 5 questions out of case study. Purpose of theory test to check candidate understanding and knowledge of road rules.

Short Video Clips Instead of Written Questions

From April 14th 2020, candidates will be shown one silent short video and they will have to answer three mulitple-choice questions based on that short clip.

Replay Video Clip

Candidates can replay that short video as many times as they want during their multiple-choice section of the test. Let’s say you played video and answer 1 question. You can replay the clip before you answer 2nd question.

How Computer Screen Will Look Like

Short video Clip will be on the left side of screen with controls taps to play, pause the clip. Jump to a specific section of clip and full screen option.

Question and multiple-choice possible answer option will be on the right side of computer screen.

Who Will Affect

If candidate fail test before 14th April 2020 and re-book it on or after this date.
Test is moved or cancelled for some reason and the new test is booked on or after 14th April 2020.

Changes in Theory Study Material

There are no changes in theory study material. Candidates will study the same books, CD’s or apps to prepare themself for car theory test.

Candidates still need to answer 43 out of 50 mulitple- choice questions to pass theory part of the test.

Changes in Hazard Perception

There is no change in hazard perception part of car theory test. Candidates will still need to get 44 out of 75 to pass hazard perception part. Speak to our team of driving instructors in Lowestoft if you need more information or help with theory test changes.

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