Changes to Driving Licence Could Have Impact on Motorists

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According to driving instructors in Wellingborough, changes to driving licence could have a big impact on Motorists in the UK.

The Government has released the findings of a consultation that might have a significant impact on drivers in Britain and owners of electric vehicles.

In order to get feedback on prospective modifications to driving licence flexibility for “alternatively-fueled” vans and other similar-weight vehicles, a consultation was started in August 2022.

According to the current licence flexibility regulations, drivers are permitted to drive goods vans that are somewhat heavier than the average weight entitlement in order to account for the battery or another cleaner power system’s additional weight.

All UK drivers with Category B licences are permitted to operate alternative-fuel goods vehicles with a maximum authorized mass (MAM) of 4,250 kg, which is more than the legal limit of 3,500 kg.

Any driver who wishes to transport items weighing more than this must possess a Category C or C1 licence.

The Government has published the results of a consultation which could have a huge effect on owners of electric cars and Britons with driving licences.

With the conclusion of the consultation, the Government has proposed a number of new measures to adhere to the responses.

This includes amending legislation to remove the training requirement and expand the flexibility to all eligible vehicles.

It will also allow an alternatively-fuelled vehicle to tow an equal amount to any equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle.

This will only apply to Great Britain only and will only allow zero-emission vehicles to access the flexibility.

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