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Changes to Driving Test Timings

Changes to driving test timings : From 10 October 2018 Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA will bring changes to driving test timings because DVSA driving examiners need enough time for their training and development.

DVSA will be changing the testing schedules for driving examiners on one day a week.

This new changes will help Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency to deliver a better service to customers and provide more opportunities for their staff to develop their skills.

How changes to driving test timings will affect testing

To build in this extra time for examiners, you’ll see some small changes to the test times throughout the day.

The training and development time will be on the same day every week. Examiner schedules will remain unchanged rest of the week.

DVSA will continue to deliver the same amount of tests on the day the development time is scheduled as they do now.

For more information, you can contact your Local Driving Test Manager or if you have any questions on the change to schedules.

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