Charlotte Mathew Passed 1st Time at Luton Driving Test Centre

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Charlotte Mathew Passed 1st Time at Luton Driving Test Centre

Charlotte Mathew had 2 failed driving test at Luton driving test centre with three previous driving instructors in Luton. She lost her confidence after two attempts and gave up.

After six months she decided to book another test. She was very nervous about learning to drive and don’t wanted to fail her driving test third time. Charlotte searched online for driving schools in Luton area and found us.

She called us and enquired about driving lesson prices. Charlotte Mathew told our team that she already had two attempts. She is looking for some driving instructor who can help her to gain her driving confidence.

Female Driving Instructors Luton

She booked her first driving lesson with our professional and experienced female driving instructor in Luton. At the end of her lesson, our experienced DVSA approved instructor identified her weak driving areas.

She advised Charlotte to have around 10-15 driving lessons so they can work together on these weak points. Charlotte booked her test again in four weeks time and reserved block of 15 driving lessons.

Weak Areas

She was semi-confident at roundabouts especially with positioning and observation. One of the other area she had to work, was dealing oncoming traffic with parked cars on both sides of the road. She had less confident in her.

Together they worked and improved meeting traffic area. Then they practiced and focused on roundabouts more. After 13 lessons she got her confident back and dealt with roundabouts independently.

Instructor helped Charlotte to overcome these weak points with the help of client-centred approach. Charlotte’s instructor finally got her ready for the big day with 15 lessons. She passed her test 1st time with all the instructional help from her instructor. She only had 5 minor faults.

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