Constantin Passed First Time in Wellingborough

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Driving lessons in Wellingborough

One of our valuable customers, constantin booked his first driving lessons in Wellingborough about 3-4 months ago with us. He was a complete beginner and had zero previous driving experience.

Our DVSA-approved and experienced driving instructor covered cockpit drill, hand and foot controls, and their functions. What is a biting point, how to find it?

Move off and Stop the Car

The instructor briefed him on how to move off the car safely and what is the right procedure and how to stop the car safely and under full control and what is the correct procedure to stop the car.

Then they practiced moving off and stopping and then gradually taught him 2nd, 3rd gears. Then moved on to the turning and emerging at the junctions.

After that instructor covered the meeting situation, pedestrian crossing, crossroads and then moved on to the roundabouts with an appropriate learning pace that suits Constantin’s learning needs.


Then they started reversing maneuvers and mastered them one by one. With mutual understanding, the instructor moved his driving test date to a month later. He wasn’t fully ready for his test.

Big Day

Finally, with all the help from the instructor, Constantin passed his driving test first time in Wellingborough with only 2 minor driving faults.

We congratulate Constantin on this brilliant 1st-time pass. Get in touch with aDriving If you, your family member or friend is looking for driving lessons in Wellingborough. Find and like us on facebook and instagram for all the latest driving updates.