Darren And Priscilla Passed 1st Time

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Darren And Priscilla Passed 1st Time

Unfortunately Darren’s driving licence was revoked by DVLA. He had to do extended driving test which last minimum over 1 hour. Darren was not sure about the new testing system as he had his first driving licence about 30 years ago. Our expert and experienced instructor from Wellingborough explained him everything about the test and what examiner will be looking for during the test? His instructor helped him to identify and fixed all the bad driving habits he had over the years and got him ready for his driving test. He booked his extended test in Kettering for 20 August 2019. Darren passed his extended test on the 1st attempt with only couple of minors on his driving test report.

Priscilla wellingborough

Another great success story of Priscilla who was complete beginner with no previous driving experience. She was recommended by her husband who also passed first time with us about 2-3 years ago. She started regular driving lessons with driving School in Wellingborough. Our professional instructor applied pupil centred approach and covered all aspects of driving step by step . She had meeting traffic, anticipation and planning issues but progressively fixed by her instructor. Priscilla learned driving skills for life at her own pace and looked forward to every lesson. She got up to the test standard in about three months and passed her test first time on 3rd September 2019. She had seven minor faults on her driving sheet.

Priscilla did not believe that she passed 1st time. She left 5 star review and said she had best driving teacher in Wellingborough. She also mentioned that her instructor has lots of patience for new and novice drivers.

Well done Darren and Priscilla and enjoy your driving freedom. Find us on facebook or follow us on twitter.