Driving Instructors Need to Remember 5 Things as Driving Test Restart

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Driving Instructors Need to Remember 5 Things as Driving Tests Restart in England

Driving instructors across England need to ensure the 5 simple things to keep themselves, learners, and DVSA driving examiners safe as a car practical driving tests restart in England from tomorrow (22 July 2020).

Keep Car Clean

Ensure the inside of the vehicle is sanitized and cleaned for the practical test. The DVSA examiner will use antivirus wipes to sanitize and clean anything like passenger door, passenger seat, etc they need to touch in the car before the test.

Arriving at The Test Centre

Driving instructors should arrive at the driving test centre only 5 minutes before the actual test time. Instructors and candidates can not wait in the waiting area for the test as a waiting area/room will be closed to help stop the further spread of COVID-19. Toilets will be accessible on request.

Candidate Wears a Face Mask

Instructors need to make sure that their student must cover their face with a face mask/covering unless they have a certain ground not to wear a face covering. This may include if:

  • the candidate has a mental or physical impairment or illness, or some disability.
  • putting on or removing it could cause a candidate serious distress.
  • candidate need to take it off during the test to prevent injury or harm or chances of injury or harm to the candidate or others.

The candidate will need to tell the DVSA if they have a certain reason not to wear the face mask/shield when they chose a driving test. DVSA strongly recommend candidates to practice driving with a face mask on before the practical test.

The examiner can ask the candidate to stop at a safe place and adjust the face mask/covering if they have any problem with it. The DVSA may end the driving test sooner if any safety issue(s) arises during the test.

Check if Learner should be Quarantine

Instructor must not take learner for their test if:

  • the learner or someone the learner lives with has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • they have been informed by the NHS that have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.
  • the candidate/learner has returned to the United Kingdom in the last fourteen days apart from certain countries.

Serious or Dangerous Mistake(s)

The driving instructor needs to tell the learner that the examiner will finish the driving test sooner and will direct the candidate back to the test centre, if they do any serious or dangerous driving fault/mistake. The key reason behind this is to reduce the amount of time examiner and candidate need to spend in the car.

We hope this information will you and others to stay safe. Contact our driving instructors in Luton if you have any question(s). Find and like us on facebook for the latest updates