Driving Law During Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown

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Driving Law During Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown

Government has temporarily changed driving law during Coronavirus COVID-19 three week lockdown across the UK. Government ordered and urges people to stay at home and not to drive unnecessarily since the lockdown is imposed.

Can Motorists Drive During COVID-19 Virus Lockdown

Government really discourage motorist to drive during coronavirus uncertainty unless they need to get food, medicines, need to take someone to hospital in emergency or need to help vuluneralbe people.

Police officers accross the country have been given power to stop and ask motorists if their journey is important. Where and why they are travelling? They remind motorists of government message to save NHS and lives by staying at home.

Officers will continue to carry out randam checks and urge motorists to keep their driving journey an minimum. Police may arrest or fine motorists up to £950 if they break COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Government took such measures to prevent the slow spread of COVID-19 virus and save lives.

Key and Social Workers

Government has allowed key and social workers drive from and to work as it is not possible for them to work from home. Like NHS staff are real heroes who are really working hard to save lives during this difficult time.

Taxi Service During Coronavirus Lockdown

Large number of people accross the UK may not have own car to make crucial journeys. The government has allowed taxi firms to remain open though they are not classed as essential workers by Department for Transport.

It is strongly advisable by the government to use taxi service only in unavoidable situation.

Remember to keep your driving journey maximum of 2 people and keep distance from other people. Recommended mimimum distance is 2 metre as if someone coughs, the little drops can go up to maximum 2 metre and settle on the ground.

Driving schools across the country have stopped working and put driving lessons on hold since the Coronavirus lockdown.

Driving schools in Kettering advises all their customers and everyone to stay at home until COVID-19 uncertainty ends.