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Driving on Country Roads

Country roads are normally narrow roads in the countryside. These days most practical driving test include driving on country roads in the UK. Although country roads appear to be more quiet with less traffic.

In this post, driving school in Rushden will highlight the dangers and potential hazards associated with country road driving and how to best be prepared for the unseen hazards.

Speed on Country Roads

Speed limit may vary from 40mph to 60mph on country roads. Remember that speed limit is not the target. Drive at an appropriate speed for the road type and conditions and try not to take bends too fast. Speak to driving instructors in Lowestoft for more information.

Road Condition

As a motorist you must consider the road condition when driving on country roads. The condition of country roads may not be as good as urban roads. Country roads are often not being well maintained. There are always greater chances of hitting potholes. Potholes may cause damage to your vehicle or may damage the car mechanically.

Unseen Hazards

Country roads may seem like an easy drive, but are in fact the most dangerous roads to drive on. Driving on Country roads may produce significantly more hazards than urban roads.

Always anticipate and plan well ahead. Look and be prepared to slow down and stop for unexpected hazards like animals, horse riders, pedestrian, bends, slow moving or agricultural vehicles, potholes etc.

If you are on a practical driving test, try to avoid potholes safely by either slowing down, or if safe to do so, drive around them. If vehicles are driving closely behind you or it is not safe to drive around them if on a bend, you will have no option but to drive through them.

Uneven Road Surface

Country roads can be uneven with few or more potholes. This may cause lose control of the vehicle. Adjust your speed in good time and avoid potholes if safe to do so.

Research by driving schools Wellingborough shows around 60% of motorists killed on Britain’s roads die on rural roads. Many more motorists unnecessarily put themselves at risk of an accident.

Approximately 25% of motorists report having had a near miss on a country road. About 40% have been surprised by an unseen or unexpected hazard, such as an horse riders, pedestrian or animals etc.

We hope this post is informative. You can contact some experts in Kettering or find us on facebook and twitter if you need more help on country roads.