Driving Tests And Driving Lessons To Be Suspended

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COVID-19 second national lockdown has been announced by the Government in England from 5th November 2020 until 2nd December to prevent further spread of COVID-19. DVSA is keeping a close eye on the situation in line with the Government guidelines.

Driving Lessons During Second Lockdown

Driving lessons during the second lockdown has been cancelled across England after the Government second lockdown announcement.

Learners are allowed to have private driving practice in their own car. The person supervising the learner should be from the same household.

Driving Tests in England

DVSA has cancelled all the car practical driving tests in England from 5th November 2020 until 1st December 2020 after the second lockdown by the Government. DVSA will restart driving tests on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

This also applies to standards checks, ADI part 2 and ADI part 3 tests.

DVSA is sending emails to all the candidates who have their driving test booked between 5 December 2020 and 1 December 2020. DVSA will reschedule all these driving tests for a new date and time.

Driving Lessons and Driving Tests for Key Workers

Keyworkers were allowed to have driving lessons during the first lockdown as driving law during coronavirus was different for keyworkers. DVSA is not offering priority service to key workers in the second national lockdown announced by the Government.

Driving instructors should not provide driving lessons to critical workers during the second lockdown. You can contact female driving instructors in Luton for more information.

DVSA is keeping this under review. Key workers also need to follow the Government national second lockdown guidance.

Driving Instructors Who Booked Driving Test for Their Pupils

The driving instructors will receive an email from the DVSA if they have booked a practical driving test for their students. Driving instructors need to inform their pupils that their driving test will be rescheduled to a new date and time.

What if Rescheduled Test Date is Not Suitable

The driving instructor or the candidate can change the test date if they are not available on the rescheduled test date and time. You can do it on the gov.uk website. Candidates and driving instructors can do this with no extra fee.

Waiting Rooms

Before opening other waiting rooms in England, DVSA will review the feedback from customers, driving instructors, and DVSA examiners from the waiting area that are opened initially after the first lockdown.

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