Drug Driving And Law In The UK

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Drug Driving And Law In The UK 2020

It is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs including medical drugs. Motorists driving in the UK under the influence of drugs put their lives as well as lives of other road users in life taking danger. The limits set for each drug is different as each drug have different affect while driving.

Affect of Drug Driving

According to driving school in Wellingborough , drug driving can affect motorists in the following ways:

  • Judgement and awareness of potential hazard on the road ahead.
  • Slower reaction time to the hazard or danger on the road ahead.
  • Risk taking and aggressive driving behaviors.
  • Coordination and concentrating on driving goals
  • Motorists can also suffer from dizziness, panic attacks, confusion etc. If they have also consumed alcohol with drugs, this may also include great risk of collision.

Medical Drugs

Always take medicines in line with doctor’s advise whether you buy them over the counter or prescribed by the GP or professional nurse. Most driving instructors advise to read the medicine’s label carefully and see if it can affect your driving in any way. If you are not sure then consult with your GP or pharmacist before driving.

Police & Law Enforcement Agencies

Police and law enforcement agencies have powers to stop motorists and test them for drug driving. If they suspect the driver have taken drugs then driver will be required to take a “Field Impairment Test”. This includes walking in a straight line, checking your eyes. Police will arrest you if they feel you are unfit to drive. When you get to police station, you will be asked to have blood test. If your test result comes positive then can be charged with a motoring offence.

Fines and Penalties 

Fine and penalty depends on the conviction circumstances. If you are convicted of drug driving then you may get a fine of up to £5000 and a driving ban of minimum one year. Also it will show up on criminal record. Drug driving offence can stay on your driving licence for 11 years. Speak to DVSA approved instructor who provide driving lessons Lowestoft to find out more about fines and penalties.

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