DVSA Driving Examiners Wearing Body Worn Cameras

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DVSA Driving Examiners Wearing Body Worn Cameras. From 25 January 2023, DVSA has decided that driving examiners will be wearing body-worn cameras to help reduce the increase in abuse to the examiners.

This decision has been taken because of the increase in abusive behavior by the candidates towards the driving examiners since driving tests restarted after COVID restrictions. DVSA said, this behavior is unacceptable and will take all necessary steps to tackle the abuse.

When Driving Examiners can use cameras

For the safety and security purposes of the driving examiners, DVSA has made body-worn cameras a mandatory part of the uniform.

All the driving examiners will be wearing it. They will only switch it on and use it if the driving examiner feels threatened by the candidate or to record the inappropriate behavior of the candidate. DVSA can use camera recording later to prosecute the offenders.

The footage can not be used to challenge the learner’s driving test outcome.

Driving Instructors Responsibility

Driving instructors should inform all their students who are going for the driving test that they will be seeing driving examiners wearing body worn cameras. They should also remind them that DVSA has a 0 tolerance policy against abuse of their staff. There will be serious consequences for abusing the driving examiner which include cancelled tests and may be prosecuted

DVSA enforcement examiners already have been using these cameras to tackle roadside incidents for many years.

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