Emergency Driving Test Booking Service is Closed

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Emergency Driving Test Booking Service is Closed

Driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) has closed the online emergency driving test and theory test service for critical and key workers from today (14th August 2020).

Inviting Key Workers to Book Driving or Theory Test

DVSA will continue to send emails and invite critical and key workers who have already applied online for a driving and car theory test. Critical and key workers will be able to book available tests for the next six weeks.

Driving and theory test dates will not available more than 6 weeks so DVSA can respond to any change(s) to Coronavirus guidelines by the government on a local and national level.

Test Booking Service for New Candidates

The car driving test online booking service will remain closed for all non-critical and new candidates. DVSA will inform later when an online booking service will re-open for the general public. This includes candidates:

  • who have recently taken their car practical driving test but failed and want to rebook their test.
  • looking to book a test for the 1st time.

DVSA will check and cancel any non-critical workers test if the candidate details do not match with their records.

Why DVSA have Closed the Emergency Test Service

DVSA has decided to stop the online emergency driving test service because:

  • COVID-19 situation has changed
  • Need to provide ambulance drivers and NHS staff with a test to help the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been eased
  • People can share cars by following government guidelines in place
  • Publis transport is now open and available
  • Everyone is returning back to work

DVSA has stopped the exclusive tests service for critical workers so they can go back to normal and re-open their services for everyone. They will update once the online booking service will be open to the general public. Speak to aDriving for driving lessons and more information on online driving test booking. Like us on facebook to get the latest driving updates and you can also find us on an automotive directory.