DVSA Examiners Use Digital Marking For Car Driving Tests

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DVSA Examiners Use Digital Marking For Car Driving Tests

Time to say goodbye to paper form DL25. DVSA examiners have been trained to mark car practical driving tests (category B) electronically. The examiners will assess and mark candidates driving faults electronically using smart digital tablets. It used to take examiners more time to put candidate details and related information in the system manually.

Faster, Efficient And Modern

This online app has replaced the manually marking for the test using paper form DL25. The idea behind using digital marking for car driving tests is to go paperless and make marking system more faster, efficient and modern. The examiners spend less time in recording candidates information with this latest app.

Search by driving schools in Lowestoft shows that online app will save around 2 million paper form DL25 from printing each year.

Privacy Screen

Digital tablets have privacy screen on them so learners don’t get distracted during their driving test and they are securely held in a portfolio wallet. All the other functions on the tablets have been locked to make sure they are not communicating during the car driving test.

Candidate’s Test Report

Driving test report will be emailed to the candidates. Test report will be send to the email address provided by candidate at the time of test booking. Learners can then share and discuss test report with their driving instructors. Candidates can provide different email at the end of the test if they like test report to be send to a different email address. Also learner drivers who pass their car practical driving test will receive their full driving licences quicker. Below is the example of how your driving test report will look 👇

Serious Faults

Report will be showing the serious or dangerous fault at the top of your test report. Any serious or dangerous is a fail.

Minor Driving Faults

Then it will be showing your minor driving faults. You are allowed 14 minor driving faults. If you repeat any minor 4 times, it will convert into major fault.

No Driving Test Changes

There are no changes in driving test because of digital marking. Test will be still conducted the same way expect from record it electronically on the digital tablets. Driving instructors prepare the candidates for the test same way.

Can Driving Instructors Use Digital Marking on the Lesson

DVSA approved male or female driving instructors should not use digital tablets or iPad’s during the driving lessons as it’s illegal. When instructors supervise the learner driver, they must be in full control of the car at all times.

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