Fine Withdrawn For Taking Driving Lesson

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Fine Withdrawn For Taking Driving Lesson

The mum of a schoolgirl who was fined $1,652 for taking a driving lesson went wild against the police. Fine has been withdrawn by the police as coronavirus law is not widely understood by the public, police said.

Hunter Reynolds was learning to drive in the rain with her mother Sharee at Frankston, Victoria on Sunday when a police officer stopped them.

The officer told, they broke the COVID-19 rules and issued the learner’s mother with a $1652 fine.

Learner’s mother had plans to challenge the penalty, calling it “ridiculous”.

Common sense did not prevail, the learner told the police officer. We didn’t think even for a second that we broke any COVID-19 outbreak laws. We live together, we did not get out of the car or stop. “

The offense comes amid confused restrictions on coronaviruses across the country, which have seen thousands of swimmers allowed to break social distancing rules, while others have been penalized for taking

The learner driver, Reynolds thought learning to drive with her mum was not wrong. She added, we were not in contact with any other people and had no plans to visit any place.

They were shocked and surprised when the police officer stopped and fined them as they thought they had done nothing wrong.

Since last Monday, residents of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, and ACT have been prohibited from leaving the home, with the exception of food and supplies, medical care, exercise.

The L-plater said, she was stressed when the police arrested her. The officer told them that they had been “ransacked on the roads today”.

Brett Sutton, defended the police who fined the boy, saying that driving lessons were not essential.

Driving Schools in Lowestoft

Driving schools in Lowestoft, said fines should be kept for serious criminals or risk obstructing the justice system with opponents of their crimes.

They added the Victorian justice system can be overloaded if the police start issuing a considerable number of penalties. We are also listed in