Government Guidance on Driving Tests And Driving Lessons

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Government Guidance on Driving Tests And Driving Lessons

As everyone is aware that all the driving tests and driving lessons were canceled during the second national lockdown from 5th November 2020 until 2nd December 2020.

There is an update regarding:

  • the lock restriction tier system and how it can affect driver testing and driving lessons.
  • Driving test centres waiting rooms

Affect of Local Restriction Tier System on Driver Testing and Training

Driving tests and driver training can resume when the second national lockdown ends on 2nd December 2020 in the local restriction tier 1 and tier 2 areas as confirmed by the government.

Also, the driving schools and driving instructors can restart manual and automatic driving lessons in all tiers as soon as the 2nd national COVID-19 restrictions end on 2nd December.

Safety Precautions for Driving Tests in Tier 3 Towns and Cities

DVSA’s first priority is obviously to ensure the safety of instructors, candidates, and their staff.

Car practical driving tests in tier 3 areas will resume from 3rd December 2020 with additional COVID-19 measures for everyone’s safety. These COVID-19 measures include:

  • DVSA examiners will carry out 5 car driving tests per day in areas where the tier 3 local restrictions have been announced by the government.
  • candidates who are exempt from face-covering due to medical reasons might have to delay their car driving test until that area comes out of tier 3. DVSA will reschedule their driving test to a new date unless a volunteer examiner is available to carry out the driving test without the candidate covering their face.

DVSA will inform all the candidates in the tier 3 area via email about these extra COVID-19 measures. DVSA will also let the candidates know, what they need to do next.

Driving Tests on 2 December 2020

The government has also confirmed that car theory and driving tests can restart on 2nd December 2020 in areas with local restrictions tier 1 and tier 2. DVSA had previously suspended all the driving tests booked on 2nd December.

DVSA will be contacting all the candidates today 1st December 2020, who had their car driving test booked on 2 December, and give the option to re-book their test for 2nd December.

DVSA will not re-book your test for 2 December automatically just in case if you or your driving instructor is not available on short notice. Also, if you are looking for some refresher manual or automatic driving lessons before your driving test.

Waiting Rooms

Good news for driving instructors that after the successful re-opening of waiting area at selected test centres, DVSA will open further 93 waiting areas from 4th December 2020.

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