How Much Private Parking Cost

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How Much Private Parking Cost

Spending around 45-50 hours each year looking for a parking space near to the house, should you consider investing in a driveway or private parking for your car.

Private Parking Cost

Have you thought of certain features of some property as your own, which you normally drive pass every day when driving to work? Dreaming for a spacious and private driveway, or a big garden for both practical and leisure reasons is one of the biggest priorities for people when searching for a house.

According to the search by driving schools in Flitwick, most UK resident’s top priority is a fancy garden and off-road car parking when hunting for a new property. No doubt, these features add extraordinary value to a house.

Concrete driveway normally costs somewhere between £25 – £50 per square metre. Whereas brick paving may cost over £50 depends on the choice of blocks.

Importance of Private Driveway

Search shows around 25% of people give importance to the private driveway when hunting for their dream home. However, if you have a car and considering adding a garage or private driveway to your existing house then this will definitely boost and add value to your house and your car will be a lot safer at night. It reduces the risk of the car being stolen.

Driving instructors in Luton said, adding a driveway for a personal car in some areas of Luton can really be beneficial for a property as sometimes it’s really difficult to find parking space in those areas. Drivers don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes just to find a space for their car especially when they are tired after work.

Some driving schools in Luton area ensure that the learner driver is an expert in parallel parking as they need it a lot in everyday life when looking to park between two parked cars.

Investing in Private Parking

It can be a cheaper option whether or not you get parking space near to your house and spending extra time every day after work. Building a driveway will free the motorist from everyday parking space worry. In addition, it reduces the insurance premium and can increase the value of the property.

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