How To Turn Major To Minor Road For Beginners

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How To Turn Major To Minor Road For Beginners

How to turn major to minor road for beginners tips and techniques 2019

Identify the side road so you can plan your approach.
To identify side road look for road signs, road marking, traffic joining and leaving from the side road, gap between the kerb and houses.

Slow down if you are not sure where the side road is.
As soon you identify the side road apply MSPSL routine.
MSPSL stands for mirrors, signal, position, speed and look.

How To Turn Major To Minor Road For Beginners

Mirrors: Check mirrors as soon you identify the turning so you know what is behind and on the side of your car and you can decide signal.
Check interior mirror and left mirror if you are turning left from major to minor road.
Interior and right mirror if you are turning right.

Signal: Signal in good time means not too early and not to late so you don’t confuse other road users.
Signal left if you are turning left and signal right if you are turning right.

Position: Maintain a normal driving position on the road which is 1 metre away from the kerb if turning left and follow kerb round the corner.
Position left of the centre line if turning right or left of the centre of the road if there is no road marking.

Speed: Adjust speed and select appropriate gear 2-3 cars length before the turning either turning left or right so you can take the turning safely and under full control.
Approach 10mph-15mph and second gear if side road is wide with a open view.
Approach less than 10mph and 1st gear if side is narrow with a restricted view.

Look: On approach to turning look at the corner for pedestrians or cyclists who may be crossing the road.
Look into new road for parked cars or any other hazard.
Access the situation into new road and decide if it’s safe to go or not and then act.
Continue if it’s safe to proceed and stop if it’s not safe to proceed.

Look well ahead for the oncoming traffic if turning right as they have priority and judge the safe gap before proceed. To judge the safe look how far the car is and at what speed it’s coming.

Stop at the point of turn if you need to wait for the oncoming traffic. It’s the point when front of your car is about parallel with centre line of the side road you are turning.

Once you are into new road check all three mirrors just to make sure that you are not being overtaken.

Help On How To Turn Major To Minor Road For Beginners

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