Kyle Cassiano Passed with Driving Lessons in Wellingborough

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Driving Lessons in Wellingborough

Kyle Cassiano was recommended by his brother who had passed his driving test first time at Wellingborough test centre with aDriving. He had no previous driving history.
The driving instructor started with a cockpit drill and then trained him in all areas of driving step by step. He was a bit nervous when he first started his lessons.
The instructor helped him throughout his driving journey to build his confidence. Finally, he got him ready for the big day in a few months. He passed his driving test with only a couple of minor mistakes.

What Kyle Cassiano says about us:

With the help of my Driving Instructor I managed to get my licence. Every driving lesson was clear and I found everything he taught make sense very quickly and even the things that were not grasped quickly he showed patience with and took extra time explaining. Thanks

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