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In this blog, aDriving will talk about limiting the number of times a car driving test can be swapped online.

As we all know there is a long waiting time for driving tests. DVSA has noticed an increase in the use of bots being used in online driving test booking services.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency believes this may result in reselling the test appointments at high prices. DVSA’s cyber security team is constantly working on the backend to stop these automated bots from accessing the online booking services.

They will share more information about their work once they make it hard for users to misuse their online booking system.

Online Test Swap Changes

DVSA believes most ADI’s swap tests online only when their pupil is up to the test standard.

However, their recent ADI behavior survey showed that some businesses swap driving tests more frequently than the normal rate.

Because of this, DVSA has decided to limit the number of times ADI’s can swap driving tests using the online booking system. This change has been implemented from 25 April 2024.

This change is only for the car driving tests and won’t affect theory, motorbike, or vocational tests.

You won’t be able to swap tests online once you reach the maximum number of online swaps. A popup message will show up on your screen with a message.

You will need to call DVSA customer service if you would like to swap any tests again. Adding the DVSA swap limit should not affect ADI’s who swap 5 or fewer tests each month.

DVSA has decided not to share the set limit so people can’t misuse the booking system. However, they may change this set limit depending on the feedback they receive in the future.

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