Lowestoft Driving Test Centre Suffolk

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Lowestoft Driving Test Centre Suffolk

Driving test centre is situated in an industrial estate area. Lowestoft is a place with a beautiful sandy beach for tourists. Great Yarmouth is the nearest popular tourists place about 20-30 minutes away.

Where to Find Lowestoft Driving Test Centre Suffolk

Unite 3 Oakland House Business Centre
Mobbs Way, Oulton Broad
NN32 3AL

Candidates start their car practical driving test from Mobbs way which is a nice and quiet road and will take you in around many narrow residential roads and built up areas. It can be challenging to learner drivers because of narrow roads along with parked vehicles.

Examiner assess candidate’s driving skills on multiple type of roads and junctions. Driving test often involves dealing with meeting situation and feature more driving on country roads. Examiners may also take candidate out of town on roads like A146 or A12. There are also number of roundabouts but they are not busy as big cities like London but still needs good practice especially the one’s like Bypass roundabout.

Positioning and observation is the most common driving fault learners do on the roundabouts and fail their driving test. Also one of the other major / serious fault learners do is going to close to the parked cars whilst dealing with oncoming traffic. There are number of narrow and challenging roads with a parked cars on test routes in Lowestoft.

In summer roads can be little busy in Lowestoft’s as clean sandy beaches, promenade, Victorian terraces and waterfront attract tourists around the country.

Driving Lessons in Lowesotft

Driving instructors in Lowestoft Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas suggest good number of professional driving lessons to get use to with the roads and test routes.

Facilities at the Test Centre

Lowestoft DTC provide tests for car, motorcycle module and approved driving instructor – ADI part 3. Test centre have got it’s own car park for candidates coming for their driving test. Unfortunately there is no toilet facility at this test centre so make sure find the nearest one if you need to use toilet just before your test.

Driving Test Waiting Time

Waiting time for practical driving test is different for every test centre. Some test centres have long waiting time like Wellingborough Test Centre. Waiting time at Lowestoft DTC is not long and candidates can get test date easily.

Learners can also look into some intensive driving courses in Lowestoft if they are looking to pass their driving test in one to two week time.

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