More Driving Test Appointments by DVSA

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In the article, experts from aDriving would like to talk about more driving test appointments by DVSA. To reduce the car practical test driving test waiting times, DVSA has decided to release around 150,000 extra car test appointments in the coming six months.

Most DVSA staff who do a driving test are trained driving examiners. Some of the people who have been trained as driving examiners have been assigned different roles in the agency such as driving test operational managers, test centre managers, and policy experts.

DVSA has now asked these individuals to do a full-time driving test. This means they won’t be able to do the role, they are doing now.

Driver and vehicle standards agency will do their best to limit the effect of the other services they offer.

When Additional Tests will be Added

Additional test appointments will be added to the booking service for candidates from 2nd October 2023. This extra service will cover appointments from 6th October to 3rd November 2023.

It may take a few days for all the additional tests to be available for the candidates to book online.

Extra test slots will added until 31st March 2024.

Standards Checks and ADI Testing

During this period DVSA will continue to do ADI part-2 and part-3. The number of standards check will reduce significantly. They will still monitor the instructor’s performance while prioritizing the car tests.

The purpose of these extra tests is to tackle the car tests long waiting times. Most driving schools in Wellingborough strongly encouraged candidates to book their test only when they are ready for it.

You can use “Ready to Pass” campaign resources to help you get ready for your test. Your trainer is the best person to ask if you are test-ready or not. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more latest updates.