Motorists risk their lives with Mobile And smartphones

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Motorists risk their lives with Mobile And smartphones 2019-20

Most young drivers and motorists risk their lives with mobile and smartphones while driving in the UK. Getting caught by police or law enforcement departments can lead to heavy penalties.

New legislation allow police to fine the motorist for touching their mobile and smartphone behind the wheel even if they are not texting or reading message. Search by team of driving instructors in Lowestoft shows recent changes to mobile and smartphone legislation means motorists can get six penalty points and £200 fine if they get caught using mobile or smartphone even if the vehicle engine is running.

As per report by RAC, 35% of young motorists between the age of 17 and 25 still use mobile and smartphones to read and reply texts message, check social media, emails etc while driving.

Musarat who is a female driving instructor in Luton welcome’s government’s decision to tighten up the mobile and smartphone law. She said, the new law will make the Britain’s roads safer for all road users. It will help to reduce the number of accidents in the UK cause due to the use of mobile and smartphones while driving.

She also added: using mobile or smartphones while driving heavily distract drivers from the danger and severity of traffic situation or potential hazard on the road ahead. Reading or replying to text message or looking at social media is the most common activity the motorists do. To read more check out top reasons of road accidents in the UK

Precautions To Be Safe While Driving

To increase your safety and the safety of other road user behind the wheel, most DVSA approved instructors who provide driving lessons suggest motorists to put their mobile and smartphone in glove compartment while driving.

“Out of sight out of mind”. Motorists are less likely to distract while driving if they put their phone out of sight.

Mobile and smartphone devices can be mounted on the dashboard for navigation purposes. Make sure you set the Sat Nav before setting off. Consult with instructors from Wellingborough if you need more help or information on mobile phone law while driving.