Moving Off And Stopping Beginner Learners

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Moving Off And Stopping Beginner Learners

If you have never driven before and don’t know how to move off and stop car safely and under full control then moving off and stopping beginner learners post will help you to learn in a simple and easy way .

Find a quiet and long stretch road to practice.
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How to Move Off (Moving off and stopping beginner learners)

Apply POM routine so you can move off safely and under full control.
POM routine stands for:Preparation, Observation and Manoeuvre.

Preparation: Press clutch in fully select 1st gear and find biting point.
Hold biting point as car will stall if you bring clutch up beyond the biting point.

Observation: Do effective all around observation because poor observation may result in accident.
Start observation over your left shoulder (blind spot) for any pedestrian or cyclist who may cross in front of your car.
Left mirror so you know what is on the left side of your car.
Interior mirror (rear view) to know what is behind you and position and speed of traffic behind you.
Right mirror to see if there is any road user on the right side of your car.
Final check over your right shoulder (blind spot) to make sure no one is overtaking.

Manoeuvre: If it’s safe and clear all around then do manoeuvre which means change in speed or direction.
Put the right signal on to warn other road users of your intended action and release hand brake.
Steer gently and smoothly to the right to take a normal driving position on the road which is 1 metre away from the kerb.
If road is narrow then position in the middle of your lane and release clutch fully once you feel the engine is smooth out.
Check all mirrors to update yourself and make sure you not being overtaken.

How to Stop or Pull up on the left (Moving off and stopping beginner learners)

Stop in a safe, legal and convenient place.
Always apply MSM routine.
MSM stands for Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre.
Manoeuvre breaks into further three section i.e Position, Speed and Look.

Mirrors: Check interior (rear view) mirror first then left mirror so you know what is behind you and how they will react behind you and then check left mirror for bikes and cyclists.
Signal: Signal in good time because signal too early or too late could confuse other road users.
Position: Steer gently towards the kerb once you close enough to the kerb then straighten up your steering wheel so you don’t hit or bump the kerb.
Speed: Most importantly brake progressively to avoid a jerky stop.
Look: Judge your position from the kerb to line up and parallel your car with the kerb.
To judge position of the car look at the bottom of your windscreen where the kerb is and the left mirror.

Press clutch in fully about 2-3 cars length before you stop so you don’t stall the car.

Apply hand brake firmly so car don’t roll forward or backward, put into neutral so car does not stall and cancel signal once you come to fully stop.
Normal stopping position should be 10cm-15cm away from the kerb.

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