New Driving Laws That Everyone Needs To Know

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DVSA has introduced a number of new driving laws in 2023 which include clean air zones, fine rules for electric car parking and a few changes in highway codes. Some of the new changes may be introduced in May.

New Drivers

Drivers under the age of 25 may not be allowed to carry anyone who is under the same age limit to improve road safety for all road users. This step will restrict newly passed drivers from set activities for a set time period.

Driving instructors from aDriving praise this probation period for fresh drivers. This will definitely help to reduce the chance of road accidents.

Safer roads should be the ultimate priority and restrictions on young and new driver’s licence will prioritize road safety even further.

Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate

ZEV mandate is now introduced with regard to electric vehicles. This is to make sure that vehicle manufacturing companies meet the required standards to build new EVs before the new diesel and petrol car ban of 2030.

Council Powers

Some traffic offence fine powers have now been given to some of the councils across the UK. These councils can now issue fines to motorists for some of the traffic offences that only used to be dealt with by police officers.

Tanker Carrying Fuel

The government may increase the fuel carry limit for tankers carrying fuel after consultation. This consideration was initiated after the fuel crises back in 2022.

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