New Driving Test Dates for Candidates

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New Driving Test Dates for Candidates

DVSA is emailing to the candidates who had their driving test on hold and giving them priority to book their car practical driving test before they reopen their test booking service for everyone.

According to DVSA some of the candidates still have not booked their driving test date. DVSA will be sending them an email from Thursday 10th September 2020. This will be the last chance for the candidates with a test on hold to find a new driving test date.

New Driving Test Date

There will be a link in the email to the test booking system so candidates can find a new test date. This online booking service will be only available for the customers who already have their car driving test on hold.

Candidates will have to book a new driving test date by 11.30 pm on 13th September 2020 to get priority over everyone.

The online booking service will be reopening for the general public at 8 am on 14th September 2020.

Candidates who had their driving test booked before the COVID-19 pandemic but did not receive an email to book a new test appointment can do this by going on this link change driving test.

Candidates don’t need to call DVSA customer service as all test appointments will be shown online. DVSA Customer service won’t be able to offer alternative driving test appointments.

Driving Instructors Should Ensure That Learners are Ready

It is very important that driving instructors talk to the learner to ensure that learner is ready for the driving test and the instructor is available on that date and time.

Face Mask

Finally, don’t forget to use face covering when going for your car driving test. The driving test won’t go ahead unless the candidate has good grounds not to wear the face-covering. Please to aDriving team if you need more information on how to book a driving test. Like us on facebook for the latest driving news.