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New LED high tech and super speed cameras called “Yellow Vultures” are not traditional speed cameras. Despite their name the “yellow vultures”, they are not yellow. They are black in color and unrecognizable and may be hard for drivers to spot. They face the oncoming traffic with LED fitted system positioned 20 yard before them.

First New LED Speed Camera

These LED speed cameras are part of new safety camera partnership and the first camera have been set up along Gdynia Way Plymouth in Devon.

Each camera will normally be placed a minimum of 200 metres apart from each other. These cameras are synchronized to pick up a sequence of footage for each driver that goes past. Vehicle number plates will be picked up lot easier. Using the series of captured footage, these new speed cameras can calculate the average speed of vehicles and detect as precisely as 1mph over the speed limit.

These high tech and super speed cameras will not only record your speed. They can also see if you are wearing a seat belt, using your mobile phone, eating, drinking and smoking behind the wheel of your car and they have been fitted across the UK.

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We spoke to some of our driving instructors in Northampton and Corby who said, the new LED technology is a lot more accurate than old yellow box speed cameras which is set at 1mph over the speed limit. The images and pictures generated by these cameras are good quality. Motorist may also be fined for something other than speeding. For example using mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, drinking or eating while driving. Also these will improve the driving behavior of the motorist across the UK, they said.

Is Eating, Driving or Smoking is Allowed While Driving?

It is not illegal to eat, drink (Fizzy Drinks) or smoke behind the wheel of your vehicle. But highway code rule 148 says safe driving with due consideration for other road users needs concentration. Motorist must avoid distraction when driving such as eating, drinking, smoking, reading maps, arguing with other passengers in the car etc. If you get distracted, the police may prosecute you for careless driving.

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