Orumwense Success Story And Driving Test Routes Wellingborough

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Orumwense Success Story And Driving Test Routes Wellingborough

Orumwense Tommy passed his driving test with zero driving faults on 30 January 2020 (See driving test routes video below). He booked and started his driving lessons in Rushden with his local and experienced driving instructor about 3-4 months ago. He had some previous driving experience with other instructor.

His instructor advised him to have assessment lesson so he can tell him how many driving lessons he will need to get him ready for his driving test. He booked one lesson and drove to Kettering area as he wanted to book his test in Kettering.

His driving instructor in Wellingborough assessed his driving skills and advised him around 10 driving lessons. He needed to cover reversing manoeuvres. Also his instructor advised him to book his test in Wellingborough and not in Kettering. He was not very comfortable in Kettering area.

He could not find any test date in Wellingborough so he had to book his test in Kettering as his theory was about to expiry. His instructors covered all the manoeuvres in few lessons and took him around Kettering to understand and practice confusing junctions and roundabouts and got him ready for the test. He explained him top 7 reasons why learners fail driving test but unfortunately he could not pass his test in Kettering.

His car theory test got expired and had to do it again. He passed his theory again and contacted his instructor who strongly advised him to book test in Wellingborough this time. He took his instructor’s advised and looked for cancellations in Wellingborough as he was test ready. aDriving School Wellingborough managed to found one cancellation for him.

His instructor picked him up about an hour before the test and practiced some manoeuvres. He got the same manoeuvre on the test which he practiced with his instructor just before his driving test. Below is the video of driving test route he had on his practical driving test.

Test Route Video Route No. 03

We hope this video will help you to get ready for your driving test and get familiar with latest test routes. For more information and help on other test routes, speak to driving schools in Lowestoft.