Pass Plus Course or Driver Education

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Pass Plus Course or Driver Education

You may have heard of the phrase “drive safely and defensive”. Obviously to apply this phrase while behind the wheel, motorists definitely need to learn the art of control the car.

In addition, safe driving also requires getting a stronghold of the technical side of the vehicle. Still, there are few hitches when we talk about driving and somehow motorists are not familiar with dealing with certain complicated situations.

That’s why we believe it is important for motorists to undergo professional driver training and pass plus course which is specially designed for such drivers only.

Pass Plus

In this article, we would like to highlight some of the features of the pass plus scheme. Pass plus is basically a driving course that lasts for 6 hours. The root purpose of this course to enhance driver skills so they can drive safely and defensively.

Anyone book this course with the full UK driving licence but mostly recommended to new drivers who have just meet the minimum driving standard and needs to improve their driving skills.

Features of Pass Plus Course / Driver Education

Find out below a few features of the pass plus scheme explained by driving instructors in Luton and how you can benefit from it.

Driving on Motorways

Motorway driving can be nerve-wracking especially for the newly passed drivers. Your experienced trainer will explain and elaborate on the motorway driving. You get more exposure to motorway driving. For example which lane you meant to drive, what speed you should be driving. The trainer teaches the techniques, how to be vigilant of surroundings, how to change lane safely, safe following distance, and a lot more.

Night Time Driving & Country Roads

Driving at night and driving on country roads is one of the driving aspects that requires extra skills and control. Certainly, new drivers need more training at night time. They normally learn to drive in the day time and don’t get a chance to practice driving at night. Sometimes, it can be hard and difficult to identify or see the potential danger or hazard on the road ahead.

Drive Confidently

The professionals have crafted and designed the special pass plus driving course so that the motorists can learn and understand the hidden techniques of driving confidently during the course.

Road Safety Rules

Professional and approved trainers from aDriving incorporate a segment where motorists are taught about the road rules and safety. In fact, drivers are also taught all aspects of driving laws. Plus, traffic signs and rules are included in the course as well. No doubt, this training help to reduce and prevent the risk of sudden and terrific road accidents.

Drive Responsibly

Experienced trainers will teach the motorists and drivers, how to be cautious, defensive, and courteous at the same. This technique keeps all road users safe from any potential or dangerous road injuries.

Where to Get Pass Plus / Driver’s Education

Well, if you are interested and looking to book the pass plus / driver’s education program than get in touch with aDriving for more information and to initiate the course.

The course lasts for six hours driving on motorways, single carriageways, driving at night, and driving to different towns. Once you complete the course, you will be issued a pass plus certificate.

This may also help motorists to find a better car insurance policy. There are a number of companies that offer you a discount on your insurance policy if you have completed the pass plus course successfully. Like us facebook so you don’t miss out latest driving news.