Practical Driving Test Long Waiting Times

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In this article from aDriving, we will talk about the main reasons that are causing practical driving test long waiting times.

CEO of DVSA explained Transport Select Committee that DVSA missed nearly one million practical driving tests due to COVID pandemic. DVSA offered over one million extra tests to tackle the backlog.

Additional tests helped most candidates to have a practical driving test booked who could not book it during COVID-19.

Despite the extra tests, the demand for practical driving tests is even more than before the pandemic.

Reasons for Long Driving Test Waiting Times

  • Unexpected increase in forecast test demand
  • Continual industrial strike
  • Low candidate’s confidence in practical driving test availability. This is affecting the candidates booking behavior

DVSA is expecting that driving test waiting times will remain throughout 2023 and 2024.

DVSA is also taking precautionary measures to tackle bots and the reselling of the car practical driving tests.

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