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Search shows about 90% of learner drivers agree that their driving instructor had an influence feeling ready for driving tests. Professional instructors from aDriving school encourage learners to broaden their experience by practicing driving in the dark before they go for their practical driving test.

In this article, we would like to talk about why learner drivers don’t book driving tuition in the dark and how driving instructors across the driving industry can encourage learners to have driving lessons in the dark.

Importance of Driving in the Dark

There are some of the skills that motorists need to drive in the dark are definitely different from driving on a lovely sunny day.

Things like identifying potential hazards in less visibility and overtaking slow-moving in the dark are the driving skills that learners should consider practicing with some approved instructor before driving independently.

According to a search by experienced driving instructors in Birmingham who deliver manual plus automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, around 17.5% of learner drivers had zero driving experience at night before their car practical driving test.

About 22% said they have practiced driving at night for about 2 hours before their driving test. So, potentially around 100,000 learner drivers pass their driving test without having practice at night time.

About 35% of road crashes that involved young motorists happens at night time.

What Stops Driving Lessons in the Evening

According to a survey by DVSA 64% of instructors said their students learn to drive in the summer. Whereas 59% of instructors agreed that their students struggle to book early or late driving lessons. 31% of instructors struggle to book late or early lessons.

According to the number of learners driving at night isn’t a big issue because there are street lights and they have their headlights.

Encourage Learners Practicing Driving at Night

Practicing driving at night broadens the learner’s real-world driving experience. Driving schools try to book learners for 1-2 driving lessons in the evening. Expert driving tuition is a lot better than nothing.

February is one of the best months to encourage pupils to book driving lessons in the dark. As a driving expert, teach pupils the top 9 tips for driving at night and help, support, and encourage students to book a driving lesson in the evening or in the dark. Like our facebook page for the latest driving updates.