Practice Driving With The Household in England

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According to the government road map in line with the COVID-19, necessary journey guidance in England is changed from today 29th March 2021. People who learn to drive with members of the household for essential journeys only are now allowed to practice driving without essentials journeys. The learners still have to practice driving with the member of the family live in the same house.

DVSA will email all the candidates who have their theory and car practical driving test booked that they are allowed to learn to drive with their support bubble or member of the household from 29 March 2021 without a valid journey reason.

This will be a good option for candidates with a theory test booked to put their theoretical knowledge into practical driving. This will help them to understand the highway codes and rules in real life while revising their theory.

Private Practice Before Booking Driving Lessons with a Driving Instructor

The learners who have their car driving test booked will also have a good opportunity to enhance their driving skills before they restart driving lessons with a professional driving instructor. According to the research by the DVSA, learners who had driving practice with family or friends were 1.4 times more likely to pass their driving test compared to the learners who did not learn to drive with family and friends.

Experienced driving instructors from aDriving encourage learners to discuss weak areas of driving with their instructor. This will help the instructor what driving areas you need to work on so they can get you ready for your driving test especially if your test is coming up soon. The best way to do this to keep a record of your private practice so you can discuss it later with your driving instructor. Don’t forget to like our facebook page so you get all the latest driving news and updates.