Ready to Pass Campaign by the DVSA

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As DVSA, part of the “Ready to Pass” campaign, the driver and vehicle standards agency is now encouraging those candidates who are going for their driving tests to ask their instructor to come to sit in and observe their practical driving test.

According to DVSA research, learners have different views and ideas on how much detail and feedback they get at the end of the driving test. DVSA is explaining to candidates that:

  • the DVSA examiner will have limited time to explain any driving fault(s) to the learners. The driving examiner can only explain the most important driving mistakes.
  • the driving test result email will show how many minor and major driving faults the learner has made. The test result will not give full details like how and when they were made by the learner.
  • the learner might find it hard to take in and remember the examiner’s feedback because the learners are either too happy and excited to have passed or disappointed and frustrated to have failed the test.

For the above-mentioned reasons, the DVSA recommends learner drivers ask their driving instructor to sit in and observe their driving test.

Driving Instructors

Instructors should know the following when accompanying learners on the driving test.

  • where the instructor should sit in the car on a test
  • what the instructor can and can not do once the driving test has started
  • advice on what to do when the test is finished

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