Reopening The Driving Test Booking Service

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Reopening The Driving Test Booking Service

DVSA will reopen the online test booking service for everyone at 8 am on Tuesday 1st September 2020. Candidates will be able to book their car driving test in Wales and England but they will be limited for the next 6 weeks.

The next slots of the car practical driving test will be released on 7th September 2020 as part of a 6-week rolling basis. Candidates in Scotland won’t be able to book their driving test until Monday 7th September 2020. This is the driving tests restart date announced by the Scottish Government.

Because of limited test slots, not all candidates who wish to book their tests, may not be able to book one on Tuesday. DVSA is trying its best to add more driving test slots into the booking system for candidates to book.

Extending the Driving Test Slots

DVSA will be extending the booking period in which people will be able to book driving tests up to 18 weeks ahead. DVSA will add more than 375,000 test slots to be booked between 14th September 2020 till the end of January 2021. Then hopefully, everyone would be able to book a driving test.

Queuing System for Online Booking Service

Due to the high demand for an online booking system, DVSA will continue to use the online booking queuing system which they had introduced about a week ago to ensure the system stability. This means candidates will be waiting in a queue for their turn and won’t have access to the booking service straight away.

People should not try to access the online booking service from different devices as this will increase the online queue and waiting time. All the available test slots will be shown on the online booking service. Don’t call the DVSA customer service as they won’t have any other available appointments.

Driving Lessons

Driving instructors from aDriving advise everyone to book their driving test only if they are sure that they are ready for the test. The waiting time to re-book can be longer if you fail your driving test. Learners should do enough driving lessons to ensure that they can pass their driving test.

Driving Tests in Scotland

Driving lessons in Scotland have resumed from 24th August 2020. Test centres in Scotland are still closed and will reopen on 14th September 2020. Driving test appointments in Scotland would be available from 7th September 2020. People who had their driving test booked and cancelled because of coronavirus will be able to book their driving test first before everyone in Scotland can book a driving test. Like our facebook page for latest news.