Restarting Driving Lessons and Practical Driving Tests

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Following the recent announcement by the Government on how to come out of national lockdown, the DVSA has been coordinating and working closing with all the government and the stakeholders on restarting driving lessons and driver testing services.

The DVSA has set the dates to restart the driving lessons and practical driving tests. The DVSA will confirm if the driving lessons and driving tests can resume on these set dates after the government review on 5th April 2021.

According to DVSA, the set dates can not be confirmed until the government roadmap measure review on 5th April 2021. The reason to share these set dates is to help driving schools to plan ahead for restarting the business and to resume the lessons again.

Set Dates to Restarting Driving Lessons and Driving Tests

The DVSA has proposed 12 April 2021 for the driving instructors to resume driving lessons and driver training.

Due to the fact that candidates need driving lessons and practise before the test, the DVSA will resume the driving tests 10 days after the lessons start. The proposed date to restart practical driving tests is Thursday 22nd April 2021 if the government guidelines allow.

Safety Measures

The DVSA’s highest priority is examiners and candidate’s safety. They will review the testing services standard operating procedures before the test’s restart date.

The learners are allowed to practise driving during lockdown with their household holding a full driving licence though it has to be a part of an essential journey. The DVSA has also shared guidance with driver training associations in the UK.

What if your test is booked before 22nd April 2021

Driving tests booked before 22nd April will be cancelled and rescheduled by the DVSA. All the candidates will be informed via email. Driving instructors will need to contact their students if they have booked tests on pupil’s behalf.

You can always change or cancel the new test date if you can’t make it on that date and time. You won’t be charged extra to change or cancel your test.

Candidates with tests booked between 12th April to 22nd April may not happy. The learners will have enough time to refresh and polish their driving skills with an approved driving instructor before their driving test.

Instructor Testing Service

ADI Standards checks, ADI part 2, and part-3 will also resume on 22nd April 2021. Any tests booked after 22nd April hopefully will go ahead. If your test is “on hold”, you will be offered a new test date by the DVSA as soon as possible.

Wales and Scotland

The DVSA is working closing with the Welsh and the Scottish government as they have their own roadmap to come out of the lockdown.

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