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Robert Nelson Wellingborough

Robert Nelson recommends aDriving. ” I would like to thank aDriving for helping me pass my practical driving test first time in Kettering. Zaheer is a great driving instructor who is very patient with nervous drivers and gives them all the support that they need”.

Robert’s Success Story

Robert is a shift manager in McDonald’s. He found us online and booked his first lesson about two months ago . Robert was complete beginner and had zero previous driving experience. He had 1-2 driving lessons in Wellingborough per week from the start. Booked his test in Kettering as could not find any test date in Wellingborough.

Our instructor applied client-centred learning technique. He took him to Kettering so he can get to know with confusing and complicated junctions and roundabouts in Kettering. We got him ready for the test just in 2 months and he passed his test on the 1st attempt with 11 minor driving faults.

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