Roundabouts in the UK

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Roundabouts in the UK

Purpose of roundabouts in the UK is to keep free flow of traffic. Traffic approaching from your right have priority so you must give way to any road users approaching from your right.

How to Identify Roundabout

You can identify roundabout with the road signs, road marking and roundabout layout. Look for all the information available on approach to roundabout including road signs, road markings, traffic signs. Identify your exit well before you reach the roundabout so you can choose the correct lane in good time.

MSPSL Routine

As soon you identify roundabout go through mirrors, signal, position, speed, look (MSPSL) routine and apply it at all stages.

Rule of Lane Discipline

It will be easier and simple to deal with the roundabouts when driving in the UK if motorist understands the rule of lane discipline on approach to roundabout. Imagine the roundabout a clock face. You are approaching from 6 o’clock and straight ahead is 12 o’clock. Choose left lane and keep to the left throughout the roundabout if your exit is not past 12 o’clock unless road signs or markings direct you otherwise.

If your exit is past 12 o’clock, position in the right lane in good time unless road marking or signs direct you otherwise. Keep to the right on the roundabout until you need to change lane to take the exit. Question is when to change lane? Change lane as you passing the exit before the one you are taking. For example if you are turning right third exit. Start positioning to the left as you passing the 2nd exit. Check centre / left mirror and signal left in good time to warn other road users that you are coming off the roundabout.

Mini Roundabouts in the UK

Rule of priority on approach to mini roundabouts is same as a normal roundabout. Blue roundabout sign indicates that you are approach mini roundabout. If you are turning right at the mini roundabout. You got to try to go round at the mini roundabout but you don’t need to go all the way round because of the less space and time on the mini roundabout. Also you don’t need to indicate left when you are coming off the mini roundabout if you are loosing control of the car. You can indicate left but you got to make sure that you remain in full control of the car.

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