Sam Passed 1st Time in Wellingborough

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Sam is one of the aDriving learners of the year 2024. He booked his first driving lesson with our experienced driving instructors in Wellingborough in around January 2024.

He had some previous driving experience and had driving lessons with a couple of different instructors before starting with aDriving. He said his past driving experience with other instructors wasn’t great and stopped learning to drive for a little while.

He was a nervous student when he first started his lessons. The instructor adapted his instructional skills according to Sam’s driving needs.

Confidence Level

He was having one lesson a week. With every lesson, the instructor worked on each weak area of his driving. The driving trainer helped Sam increase his confidence and made him believe, he could pass his test on the 1st attempt.

With a client-centered approach and well-structured lessons, the instructor got him ready for the test in a few months.

Big Congratulations to Sam & Driving Instructors Wellingborough

Sam was full of confidence on the test day and passed 1st time at the Wellingborough test centre with only a few minor faults. Get in touch with our top-rated and highly recommended driving instructors Wellingborough for top-quality lessons in the Wellingborough area. Find us on Facebook and Google Maps for all the latest driving updates.