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Self Driving Cars 2020

Self driving cars also called driverless cars or autonomous vehicles (AV). These cars gather all the information and coordinate with multiple sensors fitted in the car to become aware of surroundings. In other words these cars are capable of moving safely with no or little driver intervention.

Female driving instructors Luton said, the most advanced system and sensors in these cars enable them to move on the right navigation path with an appropriate speed for the road type and traffic condition. They also identify hazards, signs and any other danger on the road ahead.

According to search first self driving car was introduced in 1980’s which successfully went up to 39mph on a street without other traffic. Then other major automotive companies like Toyota, Mercesdes-Benz, Audi invested in autonomous technology. Then they introduced new models of self driving cars with updated software systems in these cars.

Autopilot System

In 2014 Telsa Motors introduced Autopilot system in autonomous vehicles. Autopilot system gets 360 degree visibility and analyze / respond to vehicle surroundings effectively. This system enables the car to change lane with autonomous steering, adjusting speed limit and braking in good time. Drivers can turn on or off the autopilot feature.

Autonomous Vehicle Longest Journey

Nissan’s claims it’s Leaf self driven car has successfully completed the complex and longest driving journey on the UK roads. This car has driven about 230 miles itself which is the longest journey so far by a self driving car.

Nissan’s Leaf started it’s journey from Bedfordshire and finished at Sunderland. Search shows the advanced system enables this car to make right decisions according to it’s surrounding .

Accidents in Self Driving Cars

The first self driven car and a pedestrian crash reported in Arizona America. Where driverless car killed a woman in one of the street in Arizona. Uber temporally stopped autonomous vehicle trials after this incident in 2018.

Motor industry around the world is still working on autonomous technology to make it more safer and human friendly. We hope you have found this article informative. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for latest driving news and updates.

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