Taylor’s Success Story

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Taylor’s Success Story

After passing my car theory test, I was looking to pass my practical driving test as soon as possible. I didn’t want to book weekly or regular driving lessons and drag them over months. I thought gap between the lessons would not help me to retain what I would learn with weekly lessons and wanted to do more intensive course so I can learn quicker.

Searched online for driving schools in Wellingborough area and found aDriving. I called them and enquired about intensive driving courses. They suggested to book an assessment driving lesson so instructor can advise me the best course to suit and meet my driving goals. After the assessment lesson, my driving instructor advised me 5 days intensive driving course and couple of driving lessons before the course.

He also advised me to book practical driving test. I started to look for test availability in Wellingborough straight away. Unfortunately, no test dates were available in Wellingborough. I decided to look for test dates in Kettering. Lucky enough I managed to find one cancellation on 28 December 2019 so I booked it. Which was about 3 weeks away from the day I booked it, just after Christmas and before new year. Normal waiting time was over 2 months.

I called my instructor and checked his availability on that day. He already had driving lessons booked that day and time. But he managed to move his driving lessons in Wellingborough to other day. Then I booked 2-3 lessons just before the actual intensive course.

First Day

My instructor decided to do 1st day of the course in Wellingborough and then rest of the intensive driving course in Kettering. My test was booked in Kettering so I can understand the confusing junctions and roundabouts in Kettering area.

On the first day of the course, we started with moving and stopping and did turning left / right, emerging left / right from minor to major roads, meeting traffic, pedestrian crossings and crossroads. I had decent practice on all these topics.

Second Day

Second day we did more general practice and covered 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th exit at the roundabouts. Learnt what is clutch control and how to gain a good clutch control. My instructor told me, I need a good clutch control to do any maneuver exercise. Also need it for close junctions and in a queue of traffic. Then I did first maneuver which was pull up on the right side of the road and reverse backward about two cars length staying reasonably close to the kerb. I needed a good clutch and effective all around observation to do the maneuver safely and under full control.

Third Day

Third day, we drove around test routes in Kettering area. I did single and dual carriageway and covered 2nd and 3rd maneuver. Drive forward into parking bay and reverse out and reverse bay parking I did good practice for these maneuvers and got hang of them.

Fourth Day

My instructor covered parallel park on fourth day of the course. He gave reference points which really helped me with parallel parking and made it easier for me. Also did emergency stop exercise. I found it pretty easy so did it only twice. Finally went through “show me tell me ” questions and that’s it, covered everything in 4 days.

Fifth Day

We just practiced everything on the last day of the intensive driving course including maneuvers, single and dual carriageways. Instructor explained me everything about the driving test and what I will be expecting on the test. I was bit nervous on the big day. But I remembered and applied what I learnt with my instructor and passed my driving test with 6 minor driving faults.

I can’t believe that I passed my test just in 5 days. Instructor was brilliant, covered everything in 5 days with enough practice. Thank you to my driving instructor!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering driving lessons in Lowestoft and Luton area.